PayPal for New Persons

Oh, so your new around here. Welcome!

What is PayPal? Paypal is a service and payment gateway in which you hook up your bank account and card to it, and it makes it so that the card is more secure. 

Where do I sign up?

Is the process instant? No, once you give the banking credentials to PayPal, you will need to confirm the account. They will ask you the amount of 2 deposits they make. Afterwards the account is activated.

Why does Macchar recommend PayPal for Payment? Paypal is a reliable system that puts a step removed from your card when paying. 

I only have and only want to use my credit card. Can I still pay that way? Of course you can! When you pay with a card, we simply process it with PayPal on our end and take the 2℅ fee for third party payments.