Our Story

Growing up in a middle class family, one of the highlights of the entire year was checking the seasonal  catalogues of the biggest companies. So many beautiful jackets, clothing, style, sports and other things to look at, wish for and buy.

    We are very proud to be in the catalogue industry, even as a new company. Though cosplay will always be a huge part of what we do and sell, we also sell makeup for the cosplay, jackets to surprise and then reveal, as well as many other products that you'll just plain need to see to believe.

    That being said and being a catalogue, cosplay and costumes are our wheelhouse. We have everything from pirate ladies to Little Red Ridinighood costumes. We have boots, the shoes to go with them, the props and soon enough will have wigs and other things for commisioners. We intend to become one of the best cosplay catalogue's on the internet over time, and look forward to doing business with you. We are open and responsive, and really appreciate your business every day.

                                                                                   CEO of the MACChar Catalogue











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