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Become a MACChar Model

Model agency foot modeling cosplay commissioner cosplay costumes Halloween Over 18 only! We are looking for people who would be able to show our products off. The entrance bar is not high, we just ask that you buy one of our products at any price, and then send the pictures of it to our company email at You can also send pictures without buying anything to be considered. The products that you buy do not have to be full costumes or outfits. They could be our nylons, our wigs, or even our makeup. Any purchase qualifies you for sending the photos in. We will definitely be wanting to use customers pictures as opposed to the ones listed on the vendor's site, so don't be shy. If you do, of course, go in the deep end and purchase a costume to wear, there is then an oppurtunity to be the main picture when people look at the site. So pick something up today, and if you are as beautiful as we know you are, enjoy taking those pictures. As well, people who are on Instagram who want more followers will be listed on our site as well with a Contributer title.

You can of course also remain anonymous and just have the pictures you do up of whatever item you include in the photo. It is not required perse, but it will be looked upon favorably if you send in any photos of yourself you feel comfortable doing beforehand. These will remain in the stictest confidence secured if you do, and if you are worried about sending them, it is all right to send the specific part you are modelling for. Your hands, or if you are a leg model, or the like. Now, if you -want- to have your face and entire costume on a shoot, we can do that, and protect your privacy. No nudity allowed or asked for.

    One thing we do ask is, if your intending on modelling a shoe, because we have high heels and things for sale, we ask for you to include a picture of feet for the shoes so that we can determine best fit.

Become a MACChar Model



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