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Macchar Cosplay Catalogue

hotel logo #wheredreamsareborn, Macchar Cosplay Catalogue has the best costumes anywhere Our epic new logo!
Cosplay for Beginners: Inexpensive Starting Costumes – MACchar Cosplay Catalogue
Free shipping over $70 + Free returns!

Cosplay for Beginners: Inexpensive Starting Costumes

Cosplay for Beginners: Inexpensive Starting Costumes

Cosplay 101

I know a lot of ladies are just getting used to cosplay and where to start and the blog wil always be a good repository of knowledge full of videos to give ideas on what exactly cosplaying is and how to do it well. For example, check this video out which will help any beginner get an idea of what it is all about. Cosplay is defined as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cosplay 

   It involves dressing up as a favorite character, with men or women, although at MACChar, we more concentrate on women's cosplay. It can be lingerie, props, or makeup. It can be of popular movies characters, however, here at MACChar, we try to find original and non copyrighted work so you don't feel like one of many, but a unique individual.

   As well, we sell more than just the cosplay costumes. We know you need makeup https://maccharcatalogue.com/blogs/news/great-makeup-to-go-with-your-costume-for-under-10-00 and props and shoes as well as jewelry. All of which we are proud to carry just for you. 



At our Top end of the more inexpensive Costumes


That Santa costume is really beautiful, and here is another great amazing idea for the beginner. This one is even under 10 dollars!

Really? Under 10 Dollars? There can't be more can there? Well, here at the MACChar Catalogue, we aim to please so here is one more under $10

Just got married? Want something unique for your wedding night? Check out this number. Last but certainly not least for our beginners budget.

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