Welcoming in 2013, New Years Eve in Denver Colorado

It was a cold and cloudy/snowy kind of night....

Tonight a photography group that I belong to, set up a meetup to see the fireworks over the city skyline in Denver, CO.  It was set that we meet approximately and hour before the fireworks.  There were going to be 2 displays, one at 9pm and one at midnight.  The temperatures were freezing, about 15 degrees, but the group of us trekked out along side the road near the stadium and waited patiently.  Then they came, and within 8 minutes they were done.  Its amazing what us photographers would do for a shot.  (smiles)  In 8 minutes you really dont have much time to get it right.  I shot at a slower shutter speed, so you don't get as many shots as you do on a sunny day.  ;)  The shoot was perfect timing tho, because you still had enough time to get somewhere to ring in the new year. 

My husband and I headed out to a friends, friends home for some New Year celebrating. I wanted to take this moment to wish all my friend and clients a wonderful 2013. 


Here are the shots I got tonight:

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