The Brown's Fall Family Photoshoot

One of my long time clients who I appreciate dearly called to do a quick family photoshoot because her youngest, Sydney is growing up so quickly and she wanted to make Christmas cards with recent photos of her. 

We set up a date for a planned location that would not be far from her.  It was maybe the last weekend we would get any fall color.  I also had a kid bench that I bought when they were selling off all the summer goods at Safeway.  Yes this cool bench from Safeways.  You never know where you might find a cool prop or two. 

I headed out the day of the shoot slightly disappointed that the lighting was not going to be as expected.  It was very overcast and I set the appointment hoping to capture that sun going down.  This was one of my strange shoots because as we settled in to take a few first images, some person from afar started screaming at us that we were in the way.  I really had to look around because there was no one near us.  Finally, I saw them beyond the trees and almost for lack of a better way to describe, 1 city blocks in the distance.  Your first reaction might be to scream back but you have to stay professional in front of your client at all times.  I couldn't help but giggle that my clients got mad for me and kinda yelled something back.  They were shocked that someone would do that and were defending me.   It was sweet of them.  I calmed them down and told them lets move and ignore them.  I really didnt want to ruin our shoot or the vibe for them.   Time was ticking too since I set up the shoot right before sundown. 

I can honestly say, I absolutely loved the experience and the shoot.  The images came out great and MOM loved them. 

Here are a few shots of my memorable fall family shoot of the Browns with Sydney and Jack.  We will never forget and joke about it now.






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