Scene's that make you go Ahh Act II....

After 6 months of a great show, Sherry Brand yet again banded together a group of wonderful artists to put on Act II at the awesome Gold Hill Mesa.  Gold Hill Mesa is a community  of homes and businesses in Colorado Springs.  The community appreciates art and its people.  The main building displayed our art works from local artists in the area, with the help of Sherry Brand who was on a mission to help artists get their work "seen".  And boy did she.  The community of folks came together a second time around after a very successful show, during Act one (see blog posting here).  These folks have graciously invited us to be a part of their community and welcomed us back with a wonderful reception, including music, food, wine and plain good company.  Thanks Sherry and Hold Hill Mesa.   

This was my second showing with them and I adore meeting the locals each time.  Another thing I realized that night was that it also brings us artists together, sort of like a reunion of sorts.  And its great to see everyone and catch up.  This show I got to see a friend whom I had not seen in about 14 or 15 years.  She happened to be living very close to this community.  That was a special treat for me.  There is also a couple who is dear to me that I really enjoy chatting with and its not just because they bought one of my pieces at the last show, Ron and Rhonda thank you for always being inspirational and welcoming.  

Here are a few images from the show, I was talking so much I forgot to take pictures mostly until the end of the night.  If you were not able to make the reception and live in Colorado, your in luck, the show will be around for 6 months so please stop in a visit.   Enjoy the slideshow!  

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