Product Food and Drink Shooting

A local meetup photography group got together to do some food photography fun.  With many thanks to Teri Virbikis for setting it up, she does a phenomenal job with food photography.  It is not as easy as it seems.  Food photography, like many other genre's of photography, is different.  The details are extremely important and so is setting a stage.   It takes experience and a trained eye.  

Our group meet at D's Tavern in Littleton CO.  Its a fairly new tavern in the area, one I think my husband would enjoy too.  THey had pool tables, games and even have a poker night.   Many thanks to the owners for allowing us to come in and shoot.  The staff was very gracious and helpful too and their Margarita's, lets just say I couldnt help but keep sipping on it and forgot I was also eating the salt off the rim.  This was one detail I kept forgetting.  

While others shoot food for stock photography, or were there for that reason, my reason for doing the shoot was more for fun.  I had less of a focus on stock and more of a focus on marketing for the client/including the background of the tavern in some of the shots.   After the session I have uploaded and sent a link to the owners so they could use some of the image on their social media pages.  I really enjoyed it and some of the images really came out great.  I can certainly take images for companies if they need of their business's for marketing purposes.  Here are some the shots.  

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