Not just another art show....Scenes that make you go Ahhh

Friday, October 4th I got to participate in show called, "Things that make you go Ahhh".  It was curated by Sherry Brand and hosted at the Gold Hill Mesa community in Colorado Springs.  The show consists of approximately 28 local artists and will be there for 6 months, until April 2014.  So if your local you still have plenty of time to go check it out.  I have been in many shows this year but this show was unique for me in some aspects and my double "sale".   I will get back to that.  I want to spend more time bragging about what a great show Sherry put on.  The theme is historic structures, vintage cars and Colorado landscapes.  What Coloradian doesn't love all three of those, right?  (smiles) The show also has featured artists and a Southwest smaller showing called "Sante Fe and beyond".  There are many terrific artists in this show and much excellent work.  While most of the show is photography, there are paintings as well.  I must say I was highly impressed with the entire layout and the props.  Did I just say props?  HA HA, I did!  Sherry had spoken with owners of some local business's  to obtain some props; a vintage light blue car and some other items for the south western room.  They really did add to the overall look, feel and vibe of the show.  Something I had not seen not done at any other show, at least not one I participated in.  You can easily find the location by the big blue vintage car out front that said GALLERY OPEN!  Many thanks to Little Colorado in OCC and Pikes Peak Motors.  Below is a picture I took with my cell not a great one, but will give you an idea.

On to the opening reception.  Wow, I had so much fun.  While it might not have been the locations many of my friends wanted to travel to go see, since they are further up north, they sure missed much fun.  Gold Hill Mesa sure put on a party for us.  With a table of tasty south western theme foods such as quesadillas to meatballs and cheese, a wonderful 3  man jazz band playing throughout the night, a bar of wine, lemonade and beer, never mind the great venue.  I really enjoyed myself.   Somehow Margaritas showed up and I couldn't help but indulge.  Thank you!!! And many thanks to the cool dude serving drinks for us.

It also was a great sell night for me. A day prior to the show opening, I got an email from a person interested in buying my piece the "mean green machine" in the vintage cars theme. She wanted it as a Christmas present for her husband.  I had contacted Sherry and she reminded me that we still needed an image for the show.  So I created another to bring with me the night of the show to replace.  I arrived early to meet with the interested buyer, a very lovely lady  and made the sale just prior to the showing.  I replaced the empty wall spot with a new image, and as the show progressed I met another wonderful woman interested in the same piece.  It reminded her of days gone by with her brother.  Its quite rewarding and humbling when a piece of my art is appreciated and my work in someone's home. So hence I had two sales in the same day of the same image.  This is happiness for a photographer.  Below are Ronda and Ron posing with their new art piece, the "mean green machine".   Many thanks to my buyers.  It was also great getting a chance to meet with them in person.

Many thanks to all who were part of the show, artists included and especially Sherry, and Elin for her contribution, the folks at Gold Hill Mesa (Stephanie Edwards, Bob (the director) as well as the residents in the area who joined us at the reception.  I look forward to hopefully see again as the show proceeds.  There is talk of additional receptions, next one being in December.  How fun! 

Some images of the first artists reception, I was too busy talking up a storm to remember to take images during the event.  So some are from before...not many during.  If anyone is interested in any images here, just let me know.

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