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New Blog! Very First Photographer Of Life Blog Post

Hello everyone and welcome. 

Exciting News!  MY NEW Photographer of Life Blog!

My very first blog post here at Photographer Of

I will be sharing some fun stories here, ideas, shows, great featured client stories, funny moments, cool videos, special photography shoots and anything else really that I think might be interesting to share.  Your comment here are VERY welcome and in fact, feedback is always important to me. 

Your questions are also welcome. 

What News??

Besides this blog?  Oh just a few great things, read on....

I recently was accepted into my first juried art exhibition.  I am pretty excited about this.  One thing I am learning is exactly how much work goes into these things.  I will most probably share and blog about this later, to give you an inside peak.   Not to say it isn't worth it, most firsts are always quite the experience.  I would love if your in the area for you to come join me at the opening reception on March 3th 2012.  There are more details on the new events tab at the top of the site.

Speaking of, that's news also.  I have added a new tab to the top of my pages called "events".  I will be adding my shows here because hopefully I will doing more of them as time permits. 

Also in the works, which I am super excited about is a new logo and watermark for photographer of  I know that great things come to those who wait, and I will be very excited to launch this in the very near future.   

I have a ton of idea's on developing out my website as well, ahh but it all takes time.  Soon you will also be able to find a FAQs area and pricing section. 

Wow, that really is a lot going on.  If you were able to make it thru to the end, feel free to drop me a line and leave me a comment.  I'd love to hear from you.  And many thanks to all who have supported me and encouraged me in this endeavor.  Exciting times ahead!

Peace and happiness


PS.  I have added RSS feed capability in case anyone is interested in following this blog.



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