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My Very First Newborn Photoshoot - Newborn Allie

So I was a bit nervous getting ready for this shoot because it was going to be my very first newborn photoshoot.  I read up on many topics regarding newborn shoots from posing newborns, to when was the best time was, proper lighting, kinds of props and even watched a few youtube video's I found of behind the scene shoots.  You never know until you actually get to a shoot what might happen.  What you might forget to do or bring. 

I was fortunate that I know this mom and dad pretty well, and know that it is their second baby.  I was thinking some new parents might be really nervous about you handling their newborn, however this was not the case.  Luckily too this family is also a very laid back couple.  Takes the ease off just a bit. 

I packed up the car with all my gear and some props I had purchased including a plushy blanket just in case.  My husband (aka assistant) and I headed out. 

We arrived about an hour later while Mom was nursing so it gave us some time to say hello to dad and Allies slightly older sister.  I looked for area's where there would be light and it seemed like the couch was a great place, right near the front window.  We set up a basket and propped it up with blankets and shortly after started shooting. 

Allie was ready and willing.  She stayed awake most of the shoot.  So I got to see her eyes.  Posing her seemed alittle more complicated than I thought.  I had also wanted to try and capture her on her belly (I saw a few cute shots like this), but she was not having it.  She did feel really comfy in her dads arms as you can see in the shots below.  (smiles)  I was actually super excited to take a few moments to hold baby Allie as I have never had a baby of my own and I couldn't even remember the last time I held a newborn.  I wanted to smother her with love!

There were a few things I remember now in hindsight that I wish I might have thought about.  The one thing I have the hardest time with is posing my clients.  I often wonder if perhaps then I am not meant to pose them.  But just observe and capture the moments.  But even this can be awkward on clients.  I was thinking it might be ideal to have a children's video that shows kids posing for a shoot which of course they could watch and mimic.  Maybe someone has thought about this and I could purchase one?  I will have to search.    

This shoot went great without many glitches, here are a few of my favorite shots from the shoot.  Let me know what you think. 



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