My first out of state gallery showing; Los Angeles California

When I opened my email and received the news that two of my very own images were accepted into a Gallery show in Los Angeles, I couldnt help but be so happy.  It was the first time I actually applied for an out of state gallery showing, nevermind get accepted on the first try. 

The show is titled:  Snow & Ice 2013: Winter Photography at 1650 Gallery & Studio.

One of my images will be in the gallery showing from:  March 23, 2013 until April 23rd 2013. 
Please stop by if your in the area to see it.  Here are the images online if you can't make it. 

There is also an online annex of another image that got accepted: Visit here (My image is on page 2)

A book after the event will be available.  When its available I will provide the link here for purchase. 


You can visit their FB page to see how the opening reception on March 23 went.   1650 Studio Gallery FB page Here.


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