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Making Headdresses and Headpieces for shoots

I am super crazy about head pieces. I love how they look in shoots.  Feather ones are great but really elaborate ones are even better.  I have purchased a few feather ones (like one you see above), a native american one, and some floral ones.  However, of course the ones I really like, that are really unique and elaborate are really really expensive.  Cha-ching!  MS G Designs has some of the most unique pieces I have seen.  Sadly, I can't afford her work tho.  

I have an upcoming shoot where I thought I would love to incorporate something really unique so I thought maybe now its time to put on my "crafting" hat and perhaps make my own.  I hopped onto my computer and googled it.  Youtube has tons of DIY videos on the topic.  Some of the coolest ones I found were sadly in another language but at least you can watch and see what they were doing and get an idea.  In either case, I did find this easy to follow video which I wall also embed below. 

I guess I need to hit up some craft stores and will come back and let you know how it went.  I will post an update to this blog after I attempt it.  Wish me creative luck.   This could be fun.


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