Katelynn High School Senior Session

One of my clients whom I did a headshot session with called me about her daughters HS pictures.  I love when clients come back to work with me again.  Her daughter, Katelyn a HS Senior is a beauty.  I had my hair and makeup artist, Edith, meet at their home to help set the day in motion .  Her mom wanted it to be an extra special day for her so she she got the works.  Edith does terrific work.  I captured a few images and one when Katelynn saw herself for the first time after her makeover.

So, after she got dressed we headed out to do our session and got in about an hour shooting when some clouds rolled in.  An early evening storm threatened for a while but we continued to shoot.  Finally, it started to drizzle a bit, so we headed back to the cars to wait things out.  We were pretty lucky because even tho it looked like it was going to pour, it only drizzled and then let up. So we waited it out a bit and were able to continue our session.  I bring a changing booth with me on location for multiple outfits.  So, it was a perfect opportunity to change as well.

We headed back out before it got too dark.  At some point after capturing a few images, I showed her mom the back of the camera and she started crying.  That always gets to me, seeing others cry. So I started getting teary eyed too.  Its not a great session until someone cries. ;)   Anyway, a few clouds cleared up enough to see some orange in the sunset, and we then got some shots of Katelynn in her  cheerleader uniform before.  We continued the session another day in the studio for a few more images.  Her Mom brought me flowers.  I almost cried, it was the first time I got flowers from my clients.  Its the small things that really make what I do worth while.  Here's a few from our awesome session.









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