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It's Miss October to you!

In September, I entered a few images for the City of Littleton, CO's 2015 calendar contest. I personally took them over on the last day they were due to drop them off. I literally just made the deadline.  I obviously hesitated for some reason and thinking back I am not sure why.  The criteria of the submissions were that the image had to be taken within the boundaries of Littleton, CO.  The winners were to receive a small cash prize, 10 calendars and publicity via news releases and distribution of 15,000 calendars. The images are chosen by the city’s Fine Arts Board; one image per month.  WOAH 15K!!!

Since I waited so long to submit, It wasn’t long after that I got a call from the city and also a few days later a letter saying one of my images won.    The anticipation of these things always kills me. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit; needless to say I am and was very excited to win.  Thats 223 images and only 13 selected.  It really means something. My month is for October, and I couldn't be more happy.  I LOVE THE FALL!  So...Miss October it is.   I have to say  I am really happy I entered and didn't procrastinate one more day.  I have a lot of friends living in the Littleton area and well I did say 15K!!!. 

Here is the letter I received:

I got an email today reminding me to attend the city council meeting and that Mayor Cernanec will be presenting the winners with a certificate and small gift honoring me as a Guest Citizen. One of the MANY things I LOVE about Colorado is that they appreciate ART!  YAY Littleton. 

I will have to come back and update the blog after attending the council meeting. ;)

Here is the image I submitted and is available for purchase.

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