Busy weekend prepping for shows

HI there friends,

This weekend was quite the busy weekend.  March seems to be a busy month for prepping for shows.  Over the weekend, I worked on prepping for the 2013 Visions of Light juried show.  Two Images of mine got accepted this year.  I still plan on writing a blog about all the work and costs that go into a show.  In the meantime, I have to say, for me, picking images for shows is something really hard to do.  I have a really hard time deciding.  You have to submit the images for a jury to decide if you get into the show or not then, your print , deliver etc.  Yesterday, I dropped off my image for the Commonwheel photography show which I have one image in, and today the images were due to be dropped off for Visions of Light in Palmer Lake, CO.  I took the scenic route home and snapped a few images. 

Once I got home I then had to get my images uploaded for another show that I really wanted to be in.  Yes, it was a busy weekend for photography. 

Here are a few images I took along the way home. 


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