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Body Art Photography - Denver's Black Tape Event 2015

I had seen a few images posted on FB of artists using black tape (and colored) to create artistic works on people.  I thought it would be great to photograph.  I am very open to photographing people from all walks of life and lifestyles.  So I signed up.  The event was set up and ran by Andrew Hashman, a photographer himself.  

I arrived and set up, not sure what to expect, since it was the first time I had ever done anything like this.  There were several artists (the tapers), and models.  Some artists did several people.  There were also several photographers.  We each set up backdrops and waited for the models to be finished.  The idea was after we spent about 2-3 hours photographing them, they would have a walkway.  We could also then photograph them as well, but at this time was open to the public.  It was like an underground club.  

I didn't know anyone personally so this was a bit awkward, but ...I do it for my art.  The art of photographing interesting subject matter or people. 
I am glad I had the opportunity to experience it.  Here are some of my favorite images I created from the night.

The event invite read: 

Join the artistic revolution that is The Black Tape Project Denver! This exclusive event is Artists, Models and Photographers from 4pm - 8pm. Then the real fun begins from 8pm to 1am with an ultra VIP 100 person cocktail reception and Black Tape Runway Walk at 9:30 and 11pm.

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