8 Artists Show at Monumental Microderm, Palmer Lake

Opps she did it again.  Sherry Brand curator extraordinaire is making quite the name for herself.  After a great show mentioned in a previous blog (see here) she put together a group called 8 Artists which will display themed works of art at Monumental Microderm for 6 months at a time.   Monumental Microderm is owned by Trina Shook and just moved to the Palmer Lake, CO area. 

Today, I took a drive down to drop off my work with Trina.  It was such a pleasure to meet her and she graciously gave me a tour of her beautiful new loft/location.  All art pieces are available for sale The theme is Southwestern/New Mexico art.  Please see the below flyer and a few images I captured during my visit.  They certainly don't do a justice.   Feel free to visit her for a microderm and our work in Palmer Lake Monumental Microderm.  Many thanks to Trina for hosting our art work on her walls and Sherry for putting together this wonderful group of artists.




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