Wow, a Card Princess.

Wow, a Poker Queen Costume. Could I look like that?

Why of course you can, and take advantage with  beautiful with a gorgeous look. Interested in this amazing piece? Buy Here.

We also have amazing shoes that will go with this costume, we have the pantyhose you'll need to make it stand out, and even some props that you might use with it. We stand behind our costumes, and we know you will feel so beautiful wearing them.

This one includes a 1 piece card dress with hearts, gloves, and the hat as seen in the picture. So special and well made are costumes like this, that we know you will feel right at home wearing them.

A lady gambit, a female jack of all aces, spending the night in this casino or that, frolicking with the waiters and getting plenty of comps. A Mistress of the night, a born card slinger extraordinarily, she knows no bounds, no rules, no stakes greater than what she can handle. 

Chance and gaming are forever, and are one with her world.

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