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Macchar Cosplay Catalogue

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A Cosplayer's Bedroom – MACchar Cosplay Catalogue
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A Cosplayer's Bedroom

A Cosplayer's Bedroom

The Con is about to start!

She looks on anxiously, watching curiously as the winning costume takes shape... A touch of eyeshadow, an elegant set of moon colored beads, a brush sped along her well formed brow. 

So many cons over the years, and she has played everything from a French Maid to a Demon Hunter Nezuko. From a Neko para named Vanilla to a Queen of Hearts. So many characters to choose from. But for every costume, there was still one missing piece... Her own Vanity set in which she could keep the accoutrements of a true master, a weaver of dreams. 

Opening her laptop to the one place she knew had the most beautiful and simply stunning cosplay pieces in all the world, she began to peruse...

DIYHD mirror

 DIYHD mirror


Mirror Vanity

Vanity Drawer Mirror


Vanity mirror drawer

Alliegance 1





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