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South America Party Cosplay Ideas

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Macchar Cosplay Catalogue

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2 Combinations for great cosplay Costumes

Here are some ideas for some great cosplay combinations from our products

First off, a pirate with a silver chain and matching shoes. You might have to search many other websites for just that perfect look to look beautiful and impress people at a comic convention or even at home, but not so when it comes to MACChar Catalogue. We have everything to make you look your best in one smashing place.


A pirate of course always needs jewelry, so here is a fine idea to go with it

Need a nice pair of shoes to go with this outfit?

Miss Riding Hood

Her is yet another idea. A beautiful little Red Riding Hood number. This one was one of our first costumes, and is very popular.

And her bracelet

A pair of shoes to go with that? Why thankyou!

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